e l m a c h o - Jaime Dörner

Thursday August 22nd - 8:30pm. Random Stage.

e l m a c h o is a autoethnographic solo performance which investigates catharsis through the concept of masculinity. This work is a scenic dialogue between academic literature, theatre crafting and autobiographical material under one single question: what is a macho?

In this performance academic literature overflows performance and vice versa. Concepts as fatherhood, macho and queer overflow each other triggering a cathartic process.

e l m a c h o should be seen as a question, an incision on an old and recurrent wound, an inquisitive autobiographical gaze, and the power of performance as a transformative process.

Trigger warnings/Content forecasts: Mild nudity.



I am a professional actor, director and writer trained in Chile. In 2009 I completed a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts at Toi Whakaari Drama School. Currently, I am finishing a PhD in Theatre Performance at Monash University, Australia.

The heart of my work is the creation of evocative and provocative images rather than a coherent lineal narrative. I am interested in biographical material, gender and catharsis and the way in which these concepts interrelate to affect the audience. I like the idea of using my own biography and memories as a bridge to reach the audience in my work. Finally, my curiosity as a practitioner constantly leads me to question the craft of doing theatre, what the purpose of theatre is and how effective theatre can be. So far I believe theatre to be a trigger and a provocateur of emotional/intellectual processes.

Many Thanks To

  • Monash University

  • All the extended artistic family I have created in Melbourne Australia

Creatives Involved

  • Created and performed by Jaime Dörner

  • Video maker: Darren Valentin

  • Music: Ucol performing Arts Ensemble 2013 & Suzy Hawes