Victoria Abbott - Best on Tap

Saturday August 24th - 8:30pm. Random Stage.

On the surface it's a tale about one woman's medieval ancestor... follow the rabbit deeper into the heart of the fray.

Spanning across a casual 681 years and ripping into whatever and whomever she has at hand, Victoria Abbott is tearing herself to pieces and putting it all back together in an hour. You're in safe hands, but bets are off for those at the gate. Join Victoria Abbott in this special unplugged version of her award winning solo in 'a blistering evening of fight or flight.'


“Everything is handled with the clarity of a master at the top of her game. Embedded in the DNA of the show is a bubbling violence and ferocity. One that Victoria doesn’t shy away from. In the blink an eye, the show transforms... This is a blistering evening of fight or flight" - Nathan Joe, Theatre Scenes "Until the last vital minutes, you're never sure where, exactly, all this is heading. And then Abbott brings it all together... and, when she does, drawing all the disparate threads of Run Rabbit together, it hits you like a brick falling from a wall.”

  • Dionne Christian, The Herald

"Easily one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen."

  • Matt Baker


Trigger warning content: Sexual assault and harassment. Exits and safety strategies integrated in a briefing at the top of the show.



Victoria Abbott is a writer, performer, voice artist, clown, devisor and actor.
She studied at Otago University, Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School and École Philippe Gaulier.

Awards include Best Theatre Performance and the PAANZ Touring Award 2019 Fringe Awards (Run Rabbit), The Chapman Tripp Emerging Artist Trust award for Most Promising Female Newcomer 2012, Best Theatre Production 2015 Fringe awards (Caterpillars) and Auckland Theatre Award for Most Original Production 2015 (All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever). She's been in various short films, which have travelled to the Clermont-Ferrand, Beverly Hills and Seattle short film festivals.

In the world of theatre she's made work with Red Leap Theatre, The Pop Up Globe, ATC, Circa, Kallo Collective, The Conch, Playground Collective, The Basement Christmas Show, various co-ops and was a founding member of Bare Hunt Collective. She pops up in ads from time to time and various other screen work including for Jane Campion directed Top Of The Lake: China Girl. 2018 she moved into the world of performance art, with a Stranger Things experimental electric guitar performance in Auckland and a work titled 'A Lady Drowns' which saw her floating in the harbour for Performance Art Week Aotearoa in Wellington.

Other recent work includes a campaign for Shine, playing a virginal teacher in TVNZ's webseries Educators and the upcoming Sunday night drama Ablaze.


Creatives Involved

  • Creator/Performer - Victoria Abbott

  • Director - Kate McGill

  • Choreography and Movement Support - Liv Tennent and Brigid Costello

  • Poster photography - Sacha Stejko

  • Poster design - George Wallace

    Past collaborators

  • Benny Joy Smith

  • Alice Kirker

  • Molloy, Lucie

  • Everett-Brown

  • Zane Allen

  • Daniel Brunskill

  • Bryony Skillington

Many Thanks To

  • Lynne Cardy

  • Bryony Skillington

  • Holly Chappell-Eason and Tom Eason

  • Anne Richardson

  • Isobel MacKinnon

  • Emma Newborn and Nisha Madden

  • The women artists whose self-made live work has encouraged and informed this work: Nisha Madden, Alice Canton, Jo Randerson, Saraid Cameron, Amelia Rose Reynolds, Julia Croft, Virginia Frankovich, Ana Te Kōtiro, Tessa Waters, Phoebe Mason, Jess Holly-Bates, Sarah Tuck, Chye-Ling Huang, Tallulah Holly-Massey, Freya Finch, Miranda Harcourt, Eleanor Bishop, Caryl Churchill, Hannah Gadsby, the cast of The Plastic Orgasm, the cast of FLAPS. All their collaborators. Also, Amanda Grace Leo, Marianne Infante, Nikita Tu-Bryant.

  • The words of Rebecca Solnit, Tracy Ellis Ross, Ali Smith, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Breda Wall Ryan, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Leslie Jamieson, Chris Kraus.

  • A big thank you to Liv Tennet, Anna Richardson, Alice Kirker, and Bryony Skillington for their unwavering support.